Is SEO dead? How to protect your brand and keep your business alive?

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In order to promote your website and keep your business alive, your website needs to be appeared in the search engine result as a bait (top page rank) to obtain your potential customers’ attention. In the 21st century, SEO became the cynosure of the e-marketing domain. But the principal questions arise in everyone’s mind, “Is SEO dead?”, “are the SEO mavens trying to fool Google algorithm?”. The answer of the question (Is SEO dead?) depends on how you define SEO. If we give the close observation to the survey, SEO mavens have always been split into two groups; those who work honestly to make the site better and get the top page rank, and those who work to fool the system to get the poor sites ranking better where they really don’t deserve it. When the former group comes into the picture, SEO is alive, and SEO is dead when the latter group catches the eyes.

Google prefers white hat technique

SEO is not about manipulating the search engine to place the site at the top rank, it’s about the process of designing and developing the website to have the top page rank in Google algorithm. Using black hat technique or spamdexing, few SEO mavens get into Google’s domain of top page rank to have the attention of potential customers . But white hat technique is an organic way of getting the top rank which is rich in keyword optimization and quality content. Google always prefers the white hat technique.

Promote your brand and website in the right ways

Right path always provides the good reputation and tremendous value to the brand. While the Google ranking is the vital part of the promotion, other e-marketing like social media marketing, advertise your brand through bulk email, etc. are also the efficient boosters of web promotion. Updating your blog post about the new content and services, and promoting your website offline, like providing your website URL on your visiting card and posters, sending subscription invitation, etc., are the other ways of reaching the potential customers. If you run a local business, adding its information to Google’s Local Business Center will help you to reach customers on Google Maps and web search.

Fresh, unique and quality content

Updating fresh and new content on the website in regular basis not only brings existing customers, but also attracts the attention of new customers. Content should be relevant to the title and error free. Your website should intend to have customers’ eye not their click. Using a lot of unnecessary keywords may lift your website to the top in Google ranking, but might not be impressive and satisfactory to the customers. Use of proper keywords in the accurate place produces the quality content which is the heart of your blog. Apart from the above, staying organized around the topics can decorate your website/blog to gain the potential customer’s attention. Always keep eyes on the links embedded in the content, as sometimes dead links create bad impression.

User friendly site navigation

Site navigation is another significant factor of keeping your business alive. If a customer visits your website and faces difficulties to find out the relevant page from the home page he/she wants, he/she will definitely lose interest to surf your site and quit. Easy navigation is required to have the customers’ presence on your website for a long time. Apart from the site navigation, quick site loading also attracts customers’ interest to visit your site again and again.

Make use of ‘description’ meta tag

A page’s description meta tag gives Google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about. It is very significant part as Google might use them as snippets for your pages. Having description meta tags in the each of your pages is always a good practice in case Google cannot find a good selection of text to use in the snippet. Add such a description that will both inform and interest users if they see your description meta tag as a snippet in a search result.

Create unique, accurate page titles

Title should effectively communicate the topic of the page’s content. Each of the pages should ideally have a unique title tag, which helps Google know how the page is distinct from the others on your site. Titles can be both short and informative. If the title is too long, Google will show only a portion of it in the search result.

SEO is not dead if you use the white hat technique, and also, it has been changed a lot recently. SEO is dead to marketers who are doing it the old way. However, for those who keep up with current trends, search engine optimization is still alive. You can protect your brand and keep your business alive, if you update yourself with current trends. Page title, meta tag description, quality content, use of keywords, white hat techniques are the major part of SEO, without which brand promotion is not possible. Ultimately, SEO is integral to all your inbound marketing rather than a standalone practice.

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