Latest Google SEO Updates Affect SEO and Content Strategies.How?

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29 Jun 2016 06:59:05

What are Google SEO updates? As Google concentrates on users’ experience, not on marketers’ rank position, it updates its search algorithms regularly to catch the neck of the well ranked websites that contains poor contents and spammy links. Many Google SEO updates and algorithms have impacted various well ranked websites and made them lose ranks. It is not only the matter of losing ranks, but also the Google SEO updates and algorithms can have a huge impact on traffic, revenue and conversion.

Here are a few latest Google SEO updates that have shaped up SEO and content strategies.

Mobilegeddon update

The year of 2015 has already warned people that mobile optimization is going to dominate desktops. It is aimed at mobile friendly websites where users can view pages and take actions without any glitch. After this update, SEO and content marketers have also become a part of the design team to make their websites well visible on mobile display. This android era has made people to surf the Internet from anywhere and at anytime. In any emergency, people want the required page to be easily viewed and operated. That is why Google SEO updates introduced mobilegeddon and shapes up marketers to provide the best experience to the users.

Quality update

During the Quality update, Google rewarded some websites for having focus on user experience and quality content distribution. Similarly, some websites were penalized for having poor content and plenty of ads.
In order to avoid a penalty with this update, poor content and other bad or black hat SEO techniques should be avoided. Also, pages should load within few seconds, and users should not face the irritating situations like more ads on the page or a 404 error.

Panda Update

The main target of Panda update is to find the websites with low quality content and prevent them from acquiring high rank in Google search engine. Panda penalties catch the necks of the websites with lots of spammy links, excessive ads and duplicate contents. It was also found that Google’s core ranking SEO updates included Panda update that has caused considerable buzz in the industry. Earlier belief was that it was a real time update, but the fact is that this update is not a real time one. This update is expected to run regularly to help any website to have the highest rank in the search engine result if it updates with quality content and provides good user experience.
Every one should be aware of quality content. Many websites have very long content with attractive images without relevant information. It does not matter for Google if the content is long or short, but the information that the users are looking for should be provided. That is why Google always run different algorithm updates to throw out websites that have poor content and black hat SEO techniques.

Penguin Update

Panda and Penguin updates are always considered as big weapons of Google among all the updates to filter websites in order to provide the best user experience. Their main target is on spammy links, as most of the websites have lots of spammy links to get good rank in the search engine results. Days back, there was a possibility of fooling Google by embedding the spammy and irrelevant backlinks to rank well, as it did not have a sophisticated core algorithm. But Google has started updating algorithms like Panda and Penguin to provide the best experience to it’s users. Google emphasizes on quality backlinks with this update.

Hummingbird Update

The principal aim of the Google SEO updates is to improve it’s semantic search capabilities. Now a days, people have become more casual even when they type in Google searching for some information. Hummingbird update helps Google to respond by understanding users’ intent and context.
Content developers also need to change their strategies beyond the keywords. While keywords are the important factors in communicating with the search engine results about the content, the long tail keywords have become more important as it communicates the real intent of the user. So this update has made people to involve in the revolution of long tail keywords to find better and relevant results by using Google search engine optimally.


RankBrain update is also known as learning technology. Google uses a machine learning or artificial intelligence technology systems to help sort through its search engine. This is a completely unique update aiming to learn and predict users’ behavior that helps Google to interpret and respond to the plethoras of queries everyday. It has a great impact on content development and SEO techniques to help Google deliver relevant results to the user queries.

Phantom Update

The goal of Phantom update is unknown to everyone, but many sites were reported to lose heavy traffic.It is an update to rank the websites with good content quality high in search engine. However, Google SEO updates and algorithms are for the sake of users only, not for the marketers. Hence, this update has also shaped up many SEO and content strategies.

From the above description of Google SEO updates, it is found that the SEO and content strategies have been shaped up. Every year Google runs SEO updates not to rank websites, but to provide users with relevant information. These updates align contents with new user requirements. Providing high quality content, optimizing the websites for users and earning links instead of buying links are the core factors of Google SEO updates to avoid penalties.


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