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What is backlink building?

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page.The off page SEO of creating links for users to navigate the relevant pages to gather information easily is link building. As a result of link building, the other sites will be linked back to us and the strategy to possess such links from other websites is backlink building.

Why is backlink building important?

In April 2012, Google introduced the first version of Google Penguin update where the practice of link building has been adversely affected. According to the mindset of human beings, content marketing is the replacement of link building, but the fact is that the content marketing, which is an integral part of SEO, has plethora of goals beyond Link building. It is the ancillary element amidst the principal goals of content marketing. Additionally, the search engine uses these links to crawl the web. But the backlinks are the links that redirect the users towards your website, and it is also called inbound link. In other words, backlinks are the result of link building. Most beneficially the backlink building helps your site to rank better because the quality of backlinks acts as a gauge for measuring the quality of your website.There are three key points of building links that drive your business fast. Those are

  • Links that drive direct referral traffic
  • Links that build visibility for your target audience
  • Links that help to build your reputation

Let’s discuss the various SEO link building techniques and understand how to build backlinks for small business websites.

Focus on page ranking

No doubt of having more leads, if you are in the list of top page rank on Google.Page ranking matters, when it comes to the marketing platform. In order to grab the attention of the number of audiences, you can have both off-page and on-page ranking.

  • On-page ranking requires the technical set up of your website, quality content, quality image, links, etc.
  • Off-page ranking depends on the quantity and quality of backlinks (websites that are linked to your website)

Focusing on both types of page rankings will fasten the growth of your SEO and your business. So link building counts!

Maintain link acquisition spreadsheet

As a perfect strategy drives the fast growth, a link acquisition spreadsheet clarifies the vision of ahead way. The link acquisition spreadsheet makes it easy to evaluate the link building page and its relevance. In addition, it is comprehensive and concise. Here is the perfect screenshot of a link acquisition spreadsheet from Jon Cooper of Pointblankseo.

Link acquisition spreadsheet for SEO Link Building ! Build backlinks to Small Business Website Easily!

Know your competitive links

Replicating your competitors is not the wisest way to grow your business, but analyzing their ways and executing it in different ways in your business can help you better. By gathering link data, identifying the types of links of your competitors, evaluating top linked content and finding the opportunities to use the techniques in your business are the key factors of the SEO strategy. In addition, it is a significant way to boost your SEO link building campaign.

Choose a social influencers

Social Influencer marketing technique focuses on the individual key leader to drive your brand message to the large group instead of focusing on a large group directly. In this marketing, there are two channels, social media marketing, and content marketing. Both are the effective ways to build links for your business.

Write guest post

Guest posting is now on the hot list of link building campaign. This is the best way of growing your business and it can offer you lots of leads as well as good reputation. But you should find the good and high-quality blog. Too much of focus on anything can be dangerous in SEO, so remember that guest posting is a small part of SEO link building campaign.

Stay updated with Google SEO updates

Staying up-to-date has been always good in any field. When google SEO updates any algorithm, it has a huge impact on marketing strategy. In order to achieve SEO success, you need to be on top of your SEO link building game during updates. Your strategy should not be affected by algorithm updates.

Build natural links

To be very frank, the editorial links are called the natural links and the links made by yourself are known as the unnatural links. There are lots of benefits of having the the natural links.

  • Google will not detect you if you have unnatural links. Natural links give you high ranks. The higher rank you get, the more traffic you have.
  • Google doesn’t count any non-editorial link.
  • Google considers the manipulative link as a spam.
  • As Google emphasizes on users, not marketers, your links should be natural to provide the user-friendly experiences.

Having natural links helps you in link building in several ways.

Quality links should be acquired from good websites

This technique matters a lot in link building. Search engine approves links from high-quality and trusted page during the process of page ranking. Link from good and reputed website strengthens your rank and reach out to a number audiences.

Emphasize on unique & quality content

As all we know that content is king, the presence of high quality and unique content, be it textual content or video content, provides you good reputation as well as a good number of audiences. In order to spread your brand, your content should be people engaging. The more engage you to get, the more traffic you have. Unique and quality content is the vital part of the link building campaign.

Be the best result of search engines

As search engine uses the links to crawl the web,backlink building is the significant part of SEO link building. Build links from relevant and small business websites yet reputed to ensure google that you provide better user experiences as google emphasizes on users, not on marketers. Achieving the number of links is vain if the linked websites don’t possess the high-quality of contents and relevant information. In this way, search engine plays a vital role in SEO link building.

Build good relationship with local partners

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to be active in local partnership. Being a good friend of local entrepreneurs empowers you to boost your website. Try to sponsor the local events in order to have the backlinks. Apart from these, you can sponsor the conferences, contest, charities and award ceremonies for the good reputation. An effective local link building will lift you higher than your expectation.

Have premium content on your website

This is an another way to build backlinks. Premium content includes white papers, e-books, resources, case studies, tip sheet, product descriptions, blog posts, guest post, etc. By creating premium content, you can have backlinks from major publications. If you post valid and new information through your any releasing note, no one can stop you from exploring.

Use skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique has been introduced by Brian Dean of Backlinko to increase the traffic of your website. The high-quality content is the cynosure of this technique where high-quality backlinks can be earned. Based on the backlinks of your website, you will be determined and your traffic will be increased. Three steps are to be followed for this technique:

  • Find link-worthy content
  • Better Content should be created
  • Reach out to the right audience

There are lots of examples of this technique which can grow the business faster than other techniques.

Use Moving man method for backlinks

Again this is an amazing white hat technique which is a win-win method. The summary is

  • Identify the websites or pages that are rebranded – changed names, not in use , or moved to a different location related to your business.
  • Use a backlink checker tool to find the websites linking to the old page.
  • Mail the site owners of the linked websites about the outdated links in their pages and check them if they can use your link which has similar content yet updated.

This way you can build backlinks and the site owners can have good and updated content to link with. Above method is consolidation from Brian Deans’s Moving man method.It will be worth the read for backlink building!

Update social network profiles

This world has transformed into the digital world where 98% people are engaged in social media networks. So, creating your social media profile and updating it frequently can grab more attention. This is not enough, you have to be interactive and engage the audience with your post. The more engaging post you share, the more audience you get.

Good link building for websites takes time, the good thoughts and the good amount of efforts, but it is not impossible. There are several ways of building links to drive the growth of your business, we have discussed. Exchange of ideas and thoughts always gives birth to a unique idea. Let us build links by sharing your thoughts on this article.


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    You have mentioned Brian Dean in this post. I must say the man is pure genius. I love his Guestographics method.

    If possible kindly write a tutorial about how to build backlinks from .edu sites.

    Thank you.

    • Hansoftech says:

      Hi Rintu, Thanks for your interest on our blog ! I saw you mentioned about guestographics of Brian Dean. I am eager to go through it. Appreciate your interest on backlinks from .edu sites. Hope to work on it soon.

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