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As a SEO services company we believe in 100% transparency. We do not promise magic to happen on your website. That’s the reason we insist to empower you with the logic on the changes we impart on your website. At the same time we do not overload information. Our SEO services is designed to compliment your core services in the right proportion.

Well your website is designed, developed and published!
You feel you are done.:)
It is not getting listed in Google in the first page for my product.

You are with the right SEO services company

Your website is only a platform to communicate to the visitors about your products or service yet it is the most advanced platform which can be accessed by people around the globe any time they want without prior intimation. Now you have to only intimate your potential customers that your website exists.

The solution is “Marketing” but do it digitally !

Marketing digitally has various options like working through social media, influencers, emails, SEO and so on. Yet for a website we have the SEO, social media and campaign management making the best impact for the cost we spend.

Non SEO Marketing

Social media and campaign management are more like promoting your product or services in exhibitions where there will be a large number of people with or without interest on your services for a specific time span. Simply to say you will reach large crowd in a short span

SEO Marketing

SEO will support your core potential customers consistently to your website when their needs match your service.You will reach small set of potential buyers everyday for a long period. So SEO services will always be slow and steady throughout.

How does Google or any search engine knows that my website ever exists?

  • You need to get it registered with Google to be a part of its directory.If you have not done it already , you can use your gmail id and submit URL with Google
  • Now your website is in the general list of Google’s directory.

But how do we get it to users when they search with a particular keyword related to your product?

All search engine works in a fashion to satisfy its users in every search. They want to give the most appropriate result when a user searches for any info they are looking for so that the users will come back to them for the next search. Hence they use a set of complicated algorithms considering wide range of factors to filter the collection of websites registered with them. So when your website is optimized for all the factors considered by a search engine for a particular keyword then obviously you will be in the race to be in the search engine.

So what is SEO?

SEO is the optimisation done to our website content to satisfy the search engines algorithm.

It is optimized in a fashion that the most potential customers online will visit our site rather than our competitors

Like any physical shop , your reputation counts in SEO.

There would be thousands of websites who would be competing for a particular keyword in SEO. So there are methodologies like link building, the reference from existing sites which would be required based on the keyword you are competing for.

Retention rate is very vital in SEO.

Search engines have a factor called bounce rate. If visitors quit your website as soon as they enter , your bounce rate increases. The greater the bounce rate,lesser the ranking with the search engine. The point is the sites which do not keep search engine users happy will be pushed back so that the most relevant information pops in the first.

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