How to create quality content that is google friendly and more engaging ?

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Creation is empowering. When you think of creating content the one that is engaging readers and Google friendly, it is not only empowering but as the saying quoted in the Spider-Man movie goes about power and responsibility, creating quality content is a responsibility. So is the process of creating content difficult or complicated? It would be complicated if the information pieces are just placed together minus deep thought, strategy and research. This would be like a toddler playing with Legos not knowing what to build and just having some fun. Can we have fun and also create quality content? The answer is an indubitable, yes. If you are wondering how to be more engaging and search engine friendly (or Google friendly). Here are a few cursors for you.

Content Strategy – Planning and Creating content

Let’s start with the basics. Start with learning more about your target audience as end of the day you need to engage readers. It would help to listen to their expectations and their preferences. Do your research and the results will help in creating content impeccably to engage readers. Fortunately, today there are many exciting ways of understanding the usage, the patterns, and preferences of the users.

There is another facet which needs in-depth consideration. The content, when published, is made available to users, on the web. How would users find this information? It would be by using a preferred search engine, like Yahoo, Google or Bing. It may make sense to understand key factors which search engines base their premise on ranking pages, which in turn leads to visibility. This would make a perfect blend as you would meet both users’ expectations and also find your pages ranking high so that the users find relevant information easily.

This gets us seamlessly into the domain of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The process of visibility of a website or the webpage(s) on a search engine, such that the webpage(s) appears high on the list of results on a web search engine. These results are also called as organic results, natural results or earned results. The Search Engine Optimization (SEOs) professionals work creatively to curate content which engages readers and is Google friendly or any search engine friendly. The specialists creating content provide high quality and get them rank high resulting in rising traffic. It would help to take a sneak peek at the tools and applications which are used by them.

Tools for SEO

  • # Use Google Analytics: This application helps in analysing the visitor traffic. This is a great way to get to know your audience, know what they are looking for and their preferences. In turn this will help to engage readers as well.
  • # Use BuzzSumo: A great tool providing data which is significant for content marketers. When creating content, you may wish for fresh ideas or topics which are trending. It is exhilarating to play with fun and fresh ideas, and a sure-fire way to engage readers. Turning to BuzzSumo for inspiration helps in a multitude of ways like getting inputs on the popularity of a topic, finding an apt platform and also getting insights on the type of content getting more shares. The inputs help in creating a concrete content marketing strategy which is a stimulus in creating content with quality and leading to more conversions.

Content Curation- Be Google friendly and engage readers as well!

With the astute strategists building the premise, the SEOs compliment by continuously creating content which is first-rate.

At the heart of every SEO professional is the thought ‘How to create content that is more engaging and Google friendly’.

Verities to engage readers

  • # Quality all the way: An unpretentious way to engage readers is by creating content which has quality. Writing original content always contributes better, to the body of knowledge. Repetition probably has its impact, but originality helps to solve a reader’s problem, as it gives a new thread of thought, new tools, and a new approach. Original content is a great way to be google friendly.
  • # Blog size matters: We are in the era where information is critical and we wish for things in a flash of seconds. Not only do we wish for things to be found fast, but the assimilation part is also expected in a flash. Information is usually scanned and skimmed for key takeaways. Hence, a key learning is that blog-size (the number of words) needs to be carefully curated. In the field of content, things are not written in stone and hence there is no thumb rule for the perfect size. The important thing to remember here is that the takeaway that you have conceptualized, if that maps to what the user takes back, then the content creation is most effective.
  • # Strong Headline Creation: Headlines are amongst the first points of information which users scan. Always give attractive headlines, this will help in increasing the click through rates. Strong headlines followed by good content helps engage readers and builds the trust quotient of users with the content provider.
  • # Keyword Density: While there is a lot of word around the web about keyword density. A systematic approach to keyword research and a conscious effort not to indulge in keyword stuffing should help. Keyword density still affects the organic ranking and you can check the keyword density using links like (
  • # Typography Impacts: Typography and the font-faces can form an emotional connect with the user. There are a plethora of applications which you can select from to get the font-faces which best suit the project on hand. You can try ( and other applications).
  • # Style and Format of the blog: The structure of the blog with the internal pages and links would help if it is more comprehensible with terms to navigation. The style of the blog and the format could be consistent with the project theme and attractive to keep that emotional appeal going to engage readers.
  • # Tone: Conversational tones engage readers. Content weaved like a story, or weaved around where the users’ feel the tug to respond or interact, is content which will stay on the minds’ of the users for long. Blog comments are ways in which the users’ can place their immediate thread of thought and a great way to watch content translated into engagement.
  • # Voice of Brand: The tone, the structure, the layout all are expressions which speak strongly of the brand voice. It is paramount to build the voice of the brand, so that you as a content provider build that trust equation with readers, and have authority.

All the elements mentioned are parts of on-page optimization. These elements will engage readers and the brownie points are that you become more google friendly, will obviously improve your position in the search rankings.

Content Interactivity

The rankings keep changing with frequent algorithm updates with search engine providers like Google. The off-page optimization or the technical optimization of the website are equally important. The white-hat SEO strategies for off-page optimization helps in augmenting the rankings of the web page which has high-quality curated content.

  • # Guest Posting: While guest posts are still debated. Let us look at it through the lens of pure contribution. A guest blogger, probably an expert in his/her domain, after all, is contributing to the body of knowledge. As long as the content is fresh, original and is helping the users’ solve a specific problem, is definitely worth exploring.

The good old adage that says ‘A fish rots from its head’ is worth mentioning. This simply means that a strong strategy is like the head which is fresh, buzzing with ideas to keep the readers engaged. If the strategy is built on a strong premise, then you will definitely feel the reflection in the content curation resulting in engagement and action. Final takeaway, as you keep creating content that will engage readers and be Google friendly, ensure to be responsible and let the spider do its job

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