WordPress website hacked ! What to do ? Here’s support to fix

WordPress website hacked ! What to do ? Here’s the support to fix..

Wordpress is a fantastic, user-friendly tool and a big boon for small entrepreneurs. You can count on this but with the eagerness to go forward with our website, we fail to make the basic things strong – having a proper admin name and strong passwords. Of course having weak passwords helps us to remember and login easily but it helps hackers too.Even when you have strong admin credentials, there are other vulnerabilities – providing irrelevant privilege settings for users and accepting comments with malicious content. So we need to keep all the access points to our website strong and intact.

If the attack on your site is still not resolved, We are here to help you out!
  • Malware attack
  • brute-force attack

We will support to fix your website,and relieve you from the current stress of your website being hacked.

    We understand
  • your traffic is getting affected
  • your need to keep your website up for business

We will provide our best custom support to get your site up at the earliest.

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