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As social media marketing is occupying the king’s throne in the realm of marketing, improving social media engagement of people is as vital as promoting your brand through social media. Here are fifteen tips to improve social media engagement.

Tip #1 : Participate in discussion by creating group/forum

Being social, you will be known to numbers of people, no matter if it is digital or physical. Create group in different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and intimate people to join. Creating group and making people engaged with your conversation is the smartest way of spreading your brand. Only promoting your brand may obtain bad impression. Always participate and make group members to participate in discussion on the latest happenings that is relevant to your brand.

Tip #2 :Join Q&A session

Q&A session is an another way of getting popular using Social media marketing. Replying to customers’ queries and getting replies from other customers provides lots of information where more people will be interested to join. This helps you to build reputation in the market by creating the impression that your brand is up to date. Always remember, your information should be relevant to the query and latest to grab people’s attention.

Tip #3 :Conduct polls and surveys

Frequent changes and implementation, according to customer’s opinion, are the major key factors of building the reputation of your brand. So conducting polls and surveys can enable you to know the market opinion on your brand. Opening the gate to the customers to drop their suggestions builds trust and loyalty. Always use survey creation sites to create polls and posts in social media sites as they are devised to engage customers appropriately.

Tip #4 :Make your followers feel engaged

Post high quality content and ask your followers to share their opinion. Also ask them to share or like your post. Your content should have an explanation of the reason of sharing your post, so that people will be interested to read your content and share it among their group. Just don’t ask them directly to share your post. Always be diplomatic, while asking your followers to share or like your post.

Tip #5 :Share other content

As engagement works both ways, share your followers’ content or other customers’ post, they will often share your post in return.Also liking and sharing others post will help to grab attention and develop interest for other people on your brand. In this way, you will get to know several groups, and they will be in your contact. Sometimes your attractive post will be shared among them. Sharing others post will boost social media engagement.

Tip #6 :Run a simple contest

People are always shifting their focus to contest, winning gift, participation, etc. Hosting a contest through social media can attract thousands of attentions, especially, by offering good winning gift. So this is an another smarter way of engaging people and your brand promotion.

Tip #7 :Add (#)hashtags in your post

#Hashtags help people to find the relevant content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc. Always use a good hashtag in your post to reach numbers of people and try not to use more than two hashtags in one post. The main benefit of using hashtag is your post will reach not only to your followers, but also to the non followers that are looking for the same information.

Tip #8 :Include high quality pictures

People are so busy nowadays and are not willing to spend time to read the whole content. Only high quality images that are relevant to your content grab attention of people and within a short span of time people will understand your content. However, posts with images have better social media engagement than without images. So using high quality images is always advisable to improve social media engagement.

Tip #9 :Engage through social issues

Involve in social issues by sharing, liking and supporting such posts. It will strengthen your reputation and make people feel that you value the social happenings beyond your business. Sometimes it creates more respect for your brand.

Tip #10 :Value the feelings by using emoticons

By end of the day we all are human beings and we do have emotions even though we emphasize on practical life. Using emoticons provides the feelings of talking to a real person, and people show their interest to share their opinion. Using emoticons will improve engagement of your post.

Tip #11 :Post frequently

Posting frequently and on a regular basis can draw the attention of numbers of follower, in other words, if you don’t post regularly, you may lose the followers. In addition to that, Google considers the freshness score while ranking the websites. If your website has fresh content, it will be always helpful for you.

Tip #12 :Increase the followers

There are lots of tools available where you can find new followers. Twitdom Tweepi is very helpful to get new and relevant followers. InboxQ is a web app that allows you to join the group based on the keywords and can join a real time conversation where you can improve social media engagement.

Tip #13 :Personalize your approach

While responding to your followers, personalize your comments. Using your first name and photo, while addressing, can make the followers feel more appreciated. Always addressing “I” and “me” will engage people as a conversation, but addressing a third person may lose interest of the followers.

Tip #14 :Do guest posting

Guest blogging builds relationships, introduces you to the new readers, and it is great for search engine. Backlink your website to the guest blog. When it comes to SEO, guest posting on other sites is five times valuable than creating new content on your own site.

Tip #15 :Use social media tools

Use social media tools like Google analytics, Twitter Analytics, TweetDeck, and Sprout social, etc. where you can track the numbers of visitor and your website traffics. These tools make easy to determine your website popularity, and always try to use attractive headlines. Don’t use the same headline for all social media platforms as there is limited word count in certain social media. Make sure your headline should be short and sweet to gain attention of people.

Above described 15 tips will be helpful for you to boost the social media engagement. You can also check on our social media marketing predictions and guide for social media image sizes for better usage of social media for your business. The more you get engaged, more you will be popular. Once you are benefited with these tips, don’t forget to share it as other people will make use of this post. Also, feedback us by replying with your experience. Best of luck……

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