How to use LinkedIn for Business Lead Generation

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23 Aug 2016 09:02:51

Why Linkedin for business lead generation?
In the process of online marketing, a lot of aspects need to be explored in order to create a satisfactory internet presence for your business. In order for you to attain the desired visibility you will need to undertake several techniques that may involve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC, Link building and many more.

The process of Lead Generation is a similar aspect of marketing. It is the process of initiation of customer interests or inquiry into the products or services a certain company is offering. It is therefore an indirect method to improve the interest of customers in the service or product you are rendering. A lead is the contact information or demographic information of the customer or user who is interested in the product you are selling.

Lead generation management, even though not a simple process is a very effective one and with the development of social networking platforms like LinkedIn, lead generation has reached the next level. LinkedIn is a business social network where individuals from various spheres of work cooperate, connect and share ideas and develop business strategies and partnerships. It is an excellent hub for developing your business and improving the present stature of your company.

Here are a few techniques on how you should use your LinkedIn profile as a hub for lead generation.

#1: Profile Optimization

LinkedIn is a diverse and flexible site. It lets its users add all forms of information from experience to endorsement. When you create your LinkedIn profile make sure you make it comprehensible and precise. Provide genuine and interesting facts and information about yourself and your company instead of displaying boring sales charts. This will make your profile attract individuals working in the same sphere. You can also add links to your webpage and make sure they are fully synchronous. Link your profile with Twitter and any other necessary social networking site. Make sure your profile is complete and aesthetic to the one visiting.

#2: LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn answers  is the section where people go when they have questions. People from all spheres of industries and work places come to this section to post questions. This should be your first hunting ground. Go through the questions of your niche and try answering as many as you can with proper explanation and examples as you did in high-school. This will portray you as an information-leader and a potential investment in the future. Make yourself as presentable as possible and LinkedIn Leads will flow in gradually.

#3: LinkedIn Applications

This is the innovative section of your profile. Here you will be able to add other interesting facts or information. Some of the common facts can be like what recent business or marketing books you might have read. You could also link your blog posts here and add pictures and videos pertaining to your niche or your company. This section is like playing with the psychology of your future customer. Understand your target audience and use your LinkedIn for marketing accordingly. Providing polls on customer satisfaction or clientele could be another subtle ‘show-off’ procedure. These aspects may not alone be responsible for the process of lead generation, but they do enhance and speed the process up.

#4: Group Therapy

There are thousands of groups regarding all sorts of subjects and industries in LinkedIn. It is essential for you to be a part of groups, not just pertaining to your niche, but other fields as well. If you are in the Environment Control Business, don’t just join Groups pertaining to the environment. Look for other groups and expand your social circle. Take part in participations and put forward your intellect or views shamelessly for your peers to spot you in the crowd. This is the only way people would visit your profile and click on the link of your webpage.

#5: LinkedIn Direct Ads

LinkedIn Direct Ads is another technique which you can use in LinkedIn for business. It is a whole lot similar to Google ads. You make a certain title, add some copy and link it to your desired destination. Then decide how much you’re going to pay LinkedIn for each time an individual clicks on the ad. Clicking 50 times on a $2 investment could mean you spending only $100 for your $1000 product.

#6: LinkedIn People

This is an excellent process to generate leads for sales people or someone who is looking for a job or business-to-business owners. You do a people’s search for your particular niche along with filters of first and second connections and come up with a suitable list of individuals. Now you start the process of introduction and influencing.

Keeping all these pointers in mind will help you in effective and efficient LinkedIn lead generation


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