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If Google search likes and gets your website in the first page, Who else will not like it? Improve Google search ranking!

Search Engine Optimization is emerging as a dominant platform in the business world. Many people are entering this virtual world to create a niche for themselves. Among the millions of participants one has to find a way to grab the attention of the customers and browsers. Here are some facts you have to work with to start on and retain success, be on the first page of Google.

Why Google when there are so many Search Engines?

As we all know Google has been the pioneer of prominent search engines and their keen interest in delivering the right content when users search for websites through their search engine, they keep updating with their strategies to rank websites. Google’s strategies act as bench mark for other search engines, so fulfilling Google’s need helps you to rank high with other search engines as well. Ultimately delivering the most desired results, helps Google to retain 67.78% of market share among search engines and rank first among its users. So if we rank our website in the first page of Google, our reach to potential customers will improve enormously.

Rank first in the visitor’s mind with good content

Content is that which gives the readers the information they search for. Content should be informative in a clear and simple way to rank higher. Ambiguous and long winding explanations can make the visitor go out of the website in confusion and dissatisfaction, may be never to return. A clearly explaining content with the intent of giving the best use to the visitor, can draw the person back again even if the topic is a difficult one. This would result in lesser bounce rate helping you to improve google ranking or any other search engine ranking for that matter. Pictorial and audio content are also helpful if crisp and explicit.A good content is important in converting a visitor into client or customer. On the other hand the key words in the content help search engines to identify the subject of the website and present it to the visitor. When your content is of good quality, the readers will start linking to it. More number of backlinks the webpage improves the chance of SEO success and ranking higher.

Let your images speak

It is a well known fact that a good relevant picture gives more explanation than any amount of words. A product can be described with its picture. The website is attractive and explicit with pictures. Pictures enhance the uniqueness of the website. The pictures or videos should be relevant to the topic and be purposeful. A video can clearly explain an activity like yoga or the working of an equipment. Images should be compatible to and clear on all the types of screen they can appear on – computer, iPad or smartphone.If you do not use the right type of image format and compression technique, again page speed of your website would decrease and the possibility to improve your ranking to the first page of Google search would become obsolete.

Maximize the keyword utilization

When a person searches for something on the web, certain words are used to search for relevant sites that help the search. These are called keywords. The search engines use certain patterns or algorithms to search the web to fulfill the searchers requirement. Using the keywords the browser searches the web and presents a list ( pages and pages ) of related websites for them to choose from.
In digital marketing, it is useful to know and maximize the use of the relevant priority keywords in your website to have your website on the first page in the list. The keywords also can be used to create internal links within the website.

Make the navigation the way people and search engines love

Navigation in general term means ascertaining one’s position and deciding a route to achieve the target. Web navigation does a similar job in finding the web pages we want to see to our screen, finding them from the Web or a website. Navigation of a website is an active index which brings the chosen page to the screen. Good navigation is informative about the website’s nature, speeds up search, retains visitors longer, helps SEO and helps websites rank high on search engines.Good navigation is a priority when designing a website.

Design your website responsive for all screen sizes

The internet has moved from computers to huge television screen, iPad and cell phones too. Realizing this latest trend a responsive website design should be created to be automatically adaptable to all these screens, thereby increasing the opportunity for customers to open your website in any situation and keep them from going out of your website.
Loading time of the website should be fast for a good user experience and good ranking.

Create strong call-to-action

Business and service need two way interaction. A responsive site should have strong call to action to keep things explicit, smooth and satisfied. A step by step call to action is a better choice. Strong command verbs like “buy” , “ order” are effective in an e-commerce website, if you give out information “fill in a form” will do the job. On websites in cell phones a “call us now“ is useful.

Measure the performance of your website on social media

Having your website hosted is alone not enough. Use social medias like Twitter and Facebook to create and gather impact of your site. Adding links to your social channels from your website actually helps the users in finding website when they search on Google, Yahoo and other engines. When your business in online, linking it to social channels will enable customers to contact you easily.
The comments , follow-ups, discussions and downloads are conversational approach through the social media, for development. Respond to and comment on related sites. Get interviewed about your opinion.Social media performance improves your websites traffic and ranking.

Higher the page speed, better the ranking

Speed of your page is another vital tool not only for ranking your website in the first page but also for having a good user experience in your website. Most of the users feel frustrated when the load time of a web page is slow, so ensure that the overall speed is less and main user interacting pages should have load time less than 2 secs.This is not a tough job if you have the right size of content and compression techniques in place.

Grow bigger by blogs, guest blogs and back links

Publish regular blogs relevant to your product with links to your website at optimal points. Your blogs should be attractive to read with as much details in a reasonable volume of words, to keep your customers from straying away in boredom or confusion. Get the opinion of the readers. This will help you in directing yourself towards success.
Guest blog is what you write for somebody else’s blog. You can share your expertise with others and be known to a new group of readers.Both the blogs’ traffic improve. You should let other bloggers write for you too, for this will give a fresh feel from the routine and keep your blog interesting. When guest blogging, try to research and refine what you write, be more informative to your readers and do not take it as an opportunity to promote yourself. Give them your best. Invite comments— the more the comments the more popular your post becomes in SEO search.
Back links enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts. If a person likes your post, he or she writes a post about it and links it to yours. Your post will show that the other person has linked to yours, with a bit of the post and the link of the person.
The number of back links a website has, is considered as an important factor by search engines for deciding that website’s search engine ranking. Google also values the link a website gets as the vote for it by another website.
Getting your site listed in directories is a way to be noticed by search engines, increase the number of visitors and back links. Posting in good forums and blogs is also a way to get quality back links. Another way to get quality back links is through content exchange and affiliate programs.
These are a few facts which will help your website be on good ranking and rank it on the first page of the search result. Consistently review the responses. Watch out for the latest trends and update your site from time to time, let people know that your website is alive and active by ranking in the first page of Google search.Let Google fall in love with your page

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