Importance Of Having Web Presence For Our Business

Published by on October 16, 2015 11:38 am

01 Apr 2016 09:47:01

I am quite a successful business woman. Of late customers have started asking me about my website.

Website for my business?

I thought it was for big business enterprises with high investment, high rise building and white collar staff.But enquiries from my customers made me think that I should at least know what it is, if it is so common.After talking about business websites with my friends, business accomplices, my college going children, their cousins and friends, I was aghast. I was still in the stone-age.

A website helps your ideas to reach the far corners of the world. The service or product can be described on you website, with pictures or few minutes of active demo. If you want to interact with people you can design your website to that need.

  • As internet marketing one can place small ads in related search pages, which will open their website when customers select it.
  • For business you can enable facilities for customers to pay you online for the service or product.
  • You can have people give their comments on your site, which will add value and strength to your site.
  • While designing your website you can make use of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, so that when customers search for products or services related to yours, the search engine prioritizes your site.This increases the web traffic to your site.
  • With cell phones enabling the Internet nowadays, websites can be designed to adapt to smart phones also and improve the business through mobile marketing too. For cellphones, SMS could direct people towards you to make use of the programs you make for the customers.
  • Business can be improved by sending mails (e-mail marketing) about your business, to people who search for the type of your products.

All these avenues available, a genuine business can cater to customers well beyond your regular customer circle and increase their numbers. This means improvement in business turn over.

These being the basic, you can get your website re-designed and updated as per you progress.

With all my experience so far in my business, these possibilities tell me that if I engage the correct website developer to do my site, I will be seeing an amazing improvement in the way it goes on in the future.

Nothing happens without an input of planning and investment. I have to sketch out a plan for my website, what I need in it and how I need it to work for me. Taking a deep breath, I will be venturing into this new interesting solution.

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