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29 Jun 2016 07:08:47

When the numbers of bad fish contaminate the sea, penguins catch those fishes and throw them out to make the sea clean and beautiful. Google is going to update the penguin 3.0 that leads many tensions and sleepless nights of webmasters and SEO mavens as the updated Google algorithm will filter the poor websites to enrich the search engine result like clean and beautiful sea. Google was supposed to drop this update in 2015 but it is postponed to 2016. So you have ample time to prepare yourself for the penguin update.

Impact of Penguin Update

When Google drops an algorithm update, websites have to run in the risk of penalty. But this time, Google brings thunderstorm where websites have to pay the penalty of losing ranks, if those are caught in the net of penguin update. According to the history of Penguin update, it was first announced on April 24, 2012 with the ambition of decreasing the search engine rank of the websites in case of violating the Google webmaster guidelines by using the spammy links, dirty techniques, etc.. Penguin 3.0 will be the real time version where the detected websites will be the impacted as soon as Google finds the spammy links. After removing the spammy links, those websites should be able to make an immediate recovery.

Ways to get rid of penalty

There are few ways you can keep yourself in safe zone. The principal objective of Google is to provide the best user experience. The top rank websites are always scrutinized whether they provide the relevant information to the visitors or not. Apart from this, staying away from shady tactics is another effective way of not being trapped by Google update. Here are the few ways to prepare yourself for the next penguin update.

Control your Traffic Fluctuation

It is very important to have the balance on your website traffic. The sudden rise and fall of your traffic graph may attract the attention of the Google algorithm to analyze. Check your traffic on a regular basis. There are several tools to check the website traffic such as Google Analytics, Alexa,, BizInformation, Quantcast, etc..

Optimize your Internal links

Even though internal links are not directly related to the penguin update, optimize your internal links as they do play a vital role while search engines do crawling. Internal links don’t grab the attention of penguin update as external links do. Apart from the optimizing links, cleaning up your website, removing all the links from spam sites and giving up the duplicate content are the efficient steps to make ready yourself for the penguin update.

Follow & No-Follow Links

The combination of both links is required in order to promote the good SEO. However, a large number of follow links and no-follow links may hamper your website. There are no quick ways to check the follow and no-follow links. Give an effort to check your website to keep it in the safe zone before the penguin update rolls out. Ensure the follow links are not spammy and artificial. It should be relevant to your business. Here you need to concentrate more on the quality and promotion of your website rather than optimization.

Anchor Text Distribution

If you give the close observation to the previous survey (, you will find the websites those lost high ranking, had a money keyword in their anchor text. Aggressive anchor text became a critical issue for many websites. Your external links shouldn’t include the exact match anchor text. Anchor text diversity is about creating a natural flow. Optimization is good, but the over optimization leads to the opposite result. Keyword usage in anchor text in natural approach will be helpful for you now and later when any update rolls out.

Link Velocity

Link velocity is the rate at which others are linking back to your website. It is also the measurement of the quantity of backlinks that are effectively indexed in a specific period of time. So the better link velocity of your website will enable you to climb up to the top rank in search engine result. As it is associated with backlinks to your website, link velocity emphasizes on off page optimization.Don’t over optimize the off page process. Checking the link velocity is the effective way to stay away from penalty. Check the link velocity before penguin update rolls out.

Disavowing Links

Disavowing links is a significant part of cleaning up your website. This process also includes the removal of spammy links from your website and adding up the good links to your website. Send the list of poor links to the google requesting not to consider, and it will improve your impression in the eye of Google penguin update. Apart from this the SERPS volatility is another significant part of keeping your website safe that can be measured by rank risk index.

You can prepare yourself for the next penguin update by keeping your eyes on the above mentioned points. Apart from these, the continuous monitoring for your website can strengthen your preparation against upcoming Google penguin update. If you keep your sea clean, beautiful and bad fish free, there will be no fear of penguin filtration. However, the above mentioned description can help you to prepare yourself for the next penguin update.


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