Things you need to make your first website

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You might have browsed many websites on the Internet to fulfill your needs. A website helps the owner of the website to inform and interact with clients or customers.

When you start a business or office in the real world, you select a name for it, set up a place for it, register it with the registrar, make a plan for its working style, advertise and it is ready to carry out your work.

In the virtual world it is almost the same, but on the virtual platform.

Procure your own domain name

You must create a domain name. It your website’s electronic address in the Internet. You can form a domain name that is relevant to your website’s purpose. A .com or .org or .ed can be added to specify the nature of your website. Verify if it is available for you, by searching for it through any online domain registrar or web hosting platforms.

Register your domain name

Once you have decided the domain name, you have to register it with an organisation called ICANN through a domain name registrar, for a fee. This is renewable annually. If you do not want to continue the website on the Internet you can simply stop renewing.The registered domain name is the online gate to your website.

Sign up with a web host provider for an account

Having registered your domain name, choose a web host provider and sign up with them for an account. Web hosts are the companies like Godaddy, Net4, ipage that provide space on a server for use by clients and get the Internet connectivity for their website. If your website is to be seen by people, it has to be published or uploaded by a web hosting service.

Design your web pages

You can design the website you want to publish on the net by using web development tools like HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and so on. Web templates are also available on the net. Ultimately the website should be so designed to do the activities you require on your website. Websites can be designed to be compatible to smart phones also.

If necessary you can get the service of a web developer to design your website.

Test your website

After the website has been designed it has to be tested for usability, speed and efficiency. There are software testing service providers who can do it. They run the website and give their opinion on improvement and the working of the website.

Secure your credit card information

If your website requires money transfer through credit card from customers PCI-DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard guidelines should be followed.

This is for the protection of your customers and your company.

Submit to search engines

Search Engine Submission is a way to promote a web site. But  search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use crawlers, bots, and spiders that would find most web sites on the Internet themselves.


Yahoo or Google Adwords can be used to advertise your website to quicken responses from your prospective customers and increase traffic to your website.

This again can be done with a reasonable fee.With all the above done you have your website ready for operation..

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