Increasing Site Traffic Using Long-Tail Keywords

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The intention of every business to publish a website is to target potential customers.There are numerous sites which provide same products or perform same type of services.These sites participate in the race to reach a customer.It is best to know Search Engine Optimization techniques first and then build a website based on those.Search Engine Optimization technique is nothing but an algorithm of a search engine to find out the relative websites and show the consumer a list based on the keyword the consumer keys in.Search Engine Optimization also looks into various other factors like external links of related sites, internal links within the site, popularity, memory space occupied by a website etc.Once a keyword is typed by the consumer in the search engine, he will be looking for a certain product.When the number of words a consumer types in the Search engine is more than five, the person wants exactly the same and he is going to buy it for sure.He is definitely a potential customer who is using a long-tail keyword.To win the race among the competitive websites it is important to increase website traffic using Long-tail keywords.

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a set of words that gives in-depth idea of the targeted product or a service. If a layman needs to check on the latest phone, he types “best smart phone” or “ smart phone with high rating”.When he wants to buy one, he looks for “deals on best smart phones” or “latest offers on smart phones”.It shows when a customer wants to buy a product, he searches with long-tail keywords.The long-tail keyword usage in a site will help us to reach a potential (Buying) customer.Using Long-tail Keywords in a website earns a good rank in Google.Long-tail keywords help the search to be easier.

Usage of commercial keywords

In order to reach the potential customers i.e. buying customers,usage of a commercial keyword into the long-tail product keyword is important.Some of the commercial keywords are deal, buy, offer, coupon, free, rate, purchase etc.Using these keywords along with the product like “best deals on bike” will yield good results .On targeting the potential customers in a city to overcome a competition you can include long-tail keywords like “best deals on bike in Mumbai”.To make a quick decision making customer to visit the site, keywords must include time span keywords like “ best deals on bike in Mumbai ends soon” or “ best deals on bike today” or “Order a bike within a week and win prizes”.These set of long-tail keywords will help users to reach a product easily and also help the websites to reach the right customers.

Increase the visibility of your website

Higher the visibility of the site, higher will be the website traffic.To increase the visibility of a site among the thousands of similar service providing sites, knowing the Search Engine Optimization techniques of framing a site with Long-tail keywords is the best approach.For a better reach,it is important that the contents of the site must be clear about what the company provides and the number of times the right content has been highlighted in the website. Use many long-tail keywords that match the products and services in the following places like title tags, header tags, meta tags, body, linking and domain name. It is even worth to purchase a domain name which is a long-tail keyword of that product! That way it is easy for Search engine to find out the site easily.

Search Engine Optimization tools to support your search

In the market, there are Search Engine Optimization tools, keyword tools and even Google keyword tools available and most of them are free.These keyword tools and Search Engine Optimization tools help us to build the site with appropriate content that a search engine is looking for.The first thing, those Search Engine Optimization tools suggest is long-tail keywords.Giving a product on the keyword tool helps to research about the competitors’ keywords and provides the unique keyword selection that other sites never would have used.An unique long-tail keyword helps Search engine reach the site faster.It helps to analyze the organic keyword search, domain search, and the changes in the domain.It also helps to analyze the complexity of the keyword whether an user attempts to search for it and to find out the less competitive keywords and appropriate long-tail keywords.

Social media marketing and blogging

Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and now Pinterest are trending to be the powerful tools to increase website traffic.Post about your site’s objective often to the social media sites using long-tail keywords and link it to your site. Another layman approach to increase the website’s visibility is by blogging.Blogging helps to provide as many back-links as possible to a website. Posting the blogs with long-tail keyword as name and back-linking increases the score for the Search Engine Optimization.Clicks on the blog or from the social media by the user helps a site to increase it’s popularity score. Keep updating the social media sites and blogs as many times as possible that is needed to increase the clicks.It helps to increase the page rank to the top of a search.

Reach your right potential customers

In the competitive business world, the key to success are the long-tail keywords that makes the website unique.There are many Search Engine Optimization tools which exist to analyze the competitive site’s strategy.A smart Search Engine Optimization team must keep a track on those competitive sites and must always manage to bring our website to the next level.Whatever content the competitive sites may have in it, the keyword is what a consumer types.Designing a website totally based on a competitor’s site and Search Engine Optimization techniques may also fail to interest a customer because of its complexity to understand.This shows the role keywords play in increasing a website’s traffic.Make your website visible to users by using more number of simple and unique long-tail keywords.

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